Sleep quality is not good. Try these three yoga exercises
2019-10-12 12:51

Puppy stretch

Dog stretch yoga can relax the stiff parts of wrist, head, shoulder, back and waist, make them flexible and activate the visceral function. The point of doing this yoga is to keep your heels still in order to stretch your upper body well.

1. Kneel on both hands, arms perpendicular to shoulders, fingers as wide as possible. The knees are directly below the hips, and the knees to the waist should be perpendicular to the cushion. The feet are parallel and the toes are on the floor.

2. Keep the position of the heel unchanged. Stretch your hands forward slowly. Face toward the mat.

3. Hold the position of 2 and move your hands forward. The upper body gradually approaches the cushion until the forehead touches the cushion.

4. Hold 3 postures, raise your head slowly, and press your jaw against the cushion. At the same time, bend back muscles, so that the chest to the abdomen gradually close to the mat. When doing 1-4 movements, keep breathing for 5 times.


Sleeping aids: Ploughing can temporarily return blood to the body, clear up impurities deposited in the blood, promote blood circulation throughout the body, nourish the spinal nervous system, alleviate back pain and low back pain, improve metabolism and relieve headache. Lie on your back, legs straight forward, feet together, arms on both sides of your body. Inhale, gently press your palms towards the floor and lift your legs off the floor. Exhale and continue to lift your legs up to the top of your head, leaving your hips and lower back off the ground. Lower your feet until your toes touch the ground and breathe naturally.

Shoulder down

Sleeping aids: Improve the content of hemoglobin, supplement the vitality of brain and abdominal organs, nourish the whole head and face skin with fresh blood, massage the thyroid and parathyroid glands at the same time, maintain the normal adrenal gland and enhance sexual control.

Start with plough type. Or on the basis of ploughing directly. Straighten your legs up, lift your back off the ground and land on your shoulders. Keep breathing naturally.

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