How to recuperate 8 yoga movements to eliminate rubbish mood
2019-10-19 09:16

When you are angry: tree style

Yoga with deep breathing helps to clear up anger. This posture helps to develop a sense of balance and concentration in the body, as well as clear the brain and nourish blood. Do it more than once a day.

Action Essentials:

1. Stand straight with feet together.

2. The left palm is attached to the inside of the right leg.

3. Put your hands together in front of your chest. Pay attention to tightening the hips and abdomen.

4. Inhale with chest breathing method and stretch your arms up at the same time. Imagine legs as roots, bodies as trunks, arms as branches. Hold on for 1 minute. Beginners can close their legs and arms, straighten them up, close their eyes, lean back and relax their back neck for 20 seconds.

5. Slowly lower your hands and left leg. In the opposite direction. Take care to tighten your abdomen and lower your left leg smoothly.

When you are anxious: half moon

The imbalance of daily rhythm will make the body organ function depressed and the mood anxious. This position can relax the whole body, provide sufficient oxygen and energy to stretch the whole body. Practice more than twice a day.

Action Essentials:

1. Stand with legs together.

2. Cross your hands and straighten them up. Pay attention to tighten the thighs and hips, and tighten the abdomen.

3. Use chest breathing method to breathe deeply, turn your upper body to the left as far as possible, and look up. Hold on for 10 seconds. Beginners can stand with their legs separated by the width of their shoulders, with their hands crossed and their upper bodies bent to the left.

4. Put your fingertips up, lengthen your body, and get up while breathing in.

5. Circle your arms and put them down. In the opposite direction.

When the mood fluctuates too much: Warrior

Yoga with a stable mind can help relieve the restlessness of the mood. This slightly bureaucratic posture looks up through the body and vision to find the balance of the body, so that the mood can return to stability and calm. Repeat more than twice a day.

Action Essentials:

1. Kneel on the right knee, and extend the left knee vertically to the front of the spleen.

2. Bend the right knee backward, grasp the right foot with both hands and pull it backward to make the right heel stick to the hip. Hold on for 10 seconds. If beginners feel pain on their right knee, they can add yoga mat.

3. Hold the right foot with your left hand, straighten your right arm up, and look up. Hold on for 10 seconds.

4. Change hands, slowly straighten the left arm up, and look up. Hold on for 10 seconds.

5. Land on the right leg and straighten your arms to both sides. In the opposite direction. Note that when landing on the legs and changing hands, the abdomen cannot be relaxed to prevent the body from losing balance.

When in a blue mood: ox noodles

The melancholy mood needs to vent in time to prevent the occurrence of depression. This action soothes the spine, making the body lighter and softer, thus eliminating the boredom. Do it more than once a day.

Action Essentials:

1. Straighten the waist, with the right knee at the top and the left knee at the bottom, and cross the knees. Keep toes and hips off the floor.

2. Raise your right hand behind your head. Beginners, if pelvic pain can sit cross legged.

3. Grasp the right hand from the back with the left hand, and use abdominal breathing method for 1-2 minutes. Be careful not to bend your head. In the opposite direction. Beginners can hold a yoga belt or towel if they can't reach it.

When the pressure is too high: stand upside down and lift legs

Too much pressure makes our metabolism low, hinders the daily life of the health race mother por Ji Kang. This action can supply enough oxygen and blood to the whole body, so as to recover the peace of mind. Do it more than twice a day.

Action Essentials:

1. Kneel and sit down with your ankles up and your hands on your knees.

2. Lift the hips, straighten the arms and legs to make the body triangle.

3. Slowly lift the left leg up.

4. When the left leg is raised to the highest level, use abdominal breathing method to breathe for 1 minute. In order to improve the effect, the legs supporting the body and the upper body should be close to each other as much as possible, and the raised legs should be lifted up as much as possible.

5. Slowly lower the left leg. In the opposite direction. Note that if the knee and buttocks are too tight, you can rest for a while after finishing one group of movements before continuing.

When you are upset: heroic

Speed up the blood circulation of the whole body and relieve the fidgety mood. Relax the leg muscles to increase the upper body energy and make the body full of energy. Repeat it more than 4 times a day.

Action Essentials:

1. Support the ground with hands and knees.

2. Extend the right leg to the right angle between the arms and the ground. Note that the toes and fingertips should be parallel.

3. Straighten your left knee and place your weight on your hands and right foot.

4. Put your hands on your right knee and lift your upper body upright. Note that the knees are perpendicular to the ground and do not tilt outward.

5. Inhale with chest breathing and lean back for 10 seconds. In the opposite direction. To improve the effect, put your hands together and lean back together.

The breathing method of yoga the breathing method of yoga is as important as completing the movement correctly. The correct breathing method can exhaust the excess carbon dioxide and other exhaust gases from the body to the outside, and fill the fresh oxygen to all parts of the body to improve the exercise effect. The wrong way of breathing will lead to insufficient oxygen supply, loss of balance and even injury.

Abdominal breathing

Promote diaphragm movement, make oxygen supply and carbon dioxide emissions more smooth. Because the use of abdominal muscles, can activate large intestine function also helps to lose weight. Abdominal breathing is suitable for sitting or lying down without pressure on the waist.

Action Essentials:

1. The whole lotus sits with the palms around the belly. At this time, the middle fingers of both hands intersect.

2. Inhale and inflate the abdomen like a balloon. Exhale and press your hands against your stomach to form a flat shape.

Chest breathing

The inhaled breath is longer than the exhaled breath, so the lungs can be fully expanded to enhance lung function. When inhaling, the heart and mouth are slightly painful, which is the phenomenon of blocked breath in the body. The pain will disappear naturally if the correct breathing method is adopted. Chest breathing method is suitable for the pressure on the stomach and waist, and needs to maintain a long time position.

Action Essentials:

1. All lotus sitting, palm on ribs.

2. Inhale and expand the chest as if opening the ribs. Exhale and the ribs return to their natural state.

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