How to measure the cause of hymen rupture
2019-12-30 18:01

Many teenagers are very private in their internal structure before they get married. Especially the hymen, we often hear that the hymen will break after sexual behavior. But women themselves are also more difficult to judge whether their hymen is broken. So how to test whether the membrane is broken? Let's get to know.

How to measure if your membrane is broken

1. The legs are slightly upwarped towards the mirror to separate the vulva as much as possible. After separating the labia minora with your hands, you can see a small hole in the vagina mouth, which is the hymen hole. The hymen is slightly protruded in the middle of the four circles of the hole and the vagina. The broken hymen hole has a split mouth, which is the mouth propped up when you have sex or insert something into the vagina.

2. Squat on the ground, put the mirror directly under the vagina, and then sneeze constantly. Try to spread your legs and let the vagina open. If you see a membrane in the vagina, it means the hymen is not broken. If you can't see it, it means the hymen is gone. If you can't see it, you can find someone you can trust to help you.

Causes of hymen rupture

1. Vigorous exercise

It is common for women to break their hymen when they take part in vigorous sports such as cycling, horseback riding, high jump, gymnastics and martial arts.

2. Bad living habits

When women wash their lower body, improper use of built-in tampons, masturbation, ignorance of young girls to insert foreign matters into the vagina, etc. can also cause the rupture of hymen.

3. Other reasons

Taking part in some heavy physical labor, wrong vaginal medication, and gynecologist's misoperation may cause hymen rupture.

4. born

Some people are born without hymen.

5. First sexual intercourse

This is the most common cause of rupture of the hymen. When a woman has sex for the first time, when the penis of a man stabs into the vagina of a woman, it often breaks the hymen and forms a crack.

The above is how to test whether the hymen is broken and the reasons for the rupture of the hymen. It is difficult for women to determine whether the hymen is broken, even for men who have sex with it. Therefore, it is recommended that you go to a professional gynecological examination to determine.

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