"More than five" measures should be taken to prevent heatstroke in midsummer
2019-10-21 15:04

Heatstroke prevention should achieve "five plus"

Drink more tea

The researchers measured the two groups of people who drank warm tea water and drinks in hot days, and found that warm tea can reduce the skin temperature by 1-2 degrees, while cold drink can only make the oral cavity cold; tea drinkers feel cool and comfortable, and the thirst is all gone, while cold drinkers, their whole body is not smooth, and the thirst is not gone. If you can add some salt to warm tea to make up for the lost salt caused by excessive sweating, it will be more beneficial to prevent heatstroke.

Drink more soup

When people sweat more, body fluid loss is larger, drink more soup can not only timely supplement water, but also conducive to digestion and absorption. Simple and easy to learn "heatstroke prevention soup" such as hawthorn soup, mung bean and sour plum soup, honeysuckle soup, watermelon and Cuiyi soup, etc.

Eat more porridge

In the hot summer, people's intestines and stomachs will be stimulated by the summer heat, and their functions will be relatively weakened, which will easily lead to head fatigue, loss of appetite and other discomfort, and even heat stroke. Therefore, summer health porridge is one of the dietary conditioning measures, such as mung bean porridge, honeysuckle porridge, mint porridge, lotus seed porridge, lotus leaf porridge, lotus root porridge, etc.

Eat more vegetables

It's hot and humid in the day. People generally like to eat light and delicious food without being greasy. Green vegetables have this characteristic, and they are rich in vitamins and mineral elements. Therefore, we should try to eat more vegetables, such as beans, melons, cabbage, coriander and so on. It can be eaten raw with cold sauce or fried with a little thin shredded meat.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

The fruit is juicy and sweet. It can not only stimulate the body fluid to quench thirst, but also clear away heat and heat.

Watermelon is sweet, juicy and cool. It is the first melon to clear summer heat and quench thirst. In addition, cantaloupe, cucumber washed after raw food, or juiced after drinking, have a very good heat effect. Kiwifruit contains a lot of vitamin C, which has a very good heat clearing and heat relieving effect.

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