Do you know how to eat pork this season? Add a step pork is healthier
2020-01-05 15:03

Nutritional value of pork

The protein content of pork is the lowest and the fat content is the highest. Lean pork has a high protein content, with up to 29 grams of protein and 6 grams of fat per 100 grams. After stewing, the fat content of pork will be reduced. Pork is also rich in vitamin B. , can make the body feel stronger. Pork also provides essential fatty acids for the human body. It can provide heme (organic iron) and cysteine which can promote iron absorption and improve iron deficiency anemia. Pork chops can nourish yin, stomach and spleen.

Let's see how to make fried pork

Fried pork

Add starch. Use your hands to mix the sliced meat or shredded meat with starch, and then fry it in the pot. The meat is tender and delicious.

Thicken with starch. When frying meat slices or shredded meat, mix soy sauce, salt, onion, ginger, starch and other ingredients (professional name is "hanging slurry") on the meat slices or shredded meat. If you add some cold water and mix well, the effect will be more ideal. After the oil is hot, pour the meat into the pot, stir fry quickly, then add a little water to stir fry, and add other dishes to fry. The fried meat is much softer than the one without water.

Add beer. Before frying meat slices or shredded meat, first dilute the starch with beer and mix it on the meat slices or shredded meat. When the enzymes in beer play a role, the protein of meat will decompose, which can increase the tenderness of meat. If this method is used to fry beef, the effect is the best.

Hot water. Put the sliced meat or shredded meat in a leaky spoon, immerse it in boiling water and scald for 1-2 minutes, remove the meat as soon as it changes color, then fry it for 3-4 minutes in the pot, and then fry it. Because of the short time of frying, it tastes tender and delicious.

Hot pot and oil. Heat the empty pot first, then pour in the oil to rinse the pot, and immediately put in the shredded meat or meat slices to stir fry, so that the fried meat dishes will not stick to the pot.

Drop cold water when cooking meat. Quickly pour the meat slices or shredded meat into the high-temperature oil pan and stir it for several times. When the meat changes color, drop a few drops of cold water into the pan, let the oil burst, and then put the seasoning into the pan for frying, so that the meat will be tender and delicious.

Drop vinegar. When frying meat, salt is put too early and the meat is cooked slowly. It is better to put salt when the meat is cooked. Add a few drops of vinegar before leaving the pot, it will be tender and delicious.

Don't add salt too early. Add salt later when frying the meat, so as to shorten the action time of salt on the meat and reduce the dehydration of the meat (dehydration is the main reason for the meat to get old). When the fire is increased properly, the meat can be fried fresh and tender.

Besides, what else should we pay attention to when frying pork?

Notes on fried pork

The pork should be sliced obliquely, the meat quality of the pork is relatively thin, and the tendon is less, such as cross cutting, which becomes messy and scattered after being fried. If sliced obliquely, it can not be broken, and it can not be stuffed; the pork should not be soaked for a long time;

When cutting fat meat, dip the fat meat in cold water first, then put it on the chopping board, and sprinkle some cold water while cutting, which saves labor, and the fat won't slide, and is not easy to stick to the chopping board;

Do not wash pork with hot water before cooking, because pork contains a kind of myosoluble protein, which is easy to dissolve in water above 15 , if soaked in hot water, it will lose a lot of nutrients, and taste is not good;

Pork should be cooked, because sometimes there are parasites in pork. If eaten raw or not fully conditioned, there may be hookworm in the liver or brain.

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