In late spring, when the season changes, we need to go to bed early and get up early to avoid spring sleepiness
2019-12-17 15:03

Go to bed early and get up early after the rain

Due to the early dawn in the morning, some people who are used to sleeping late and getting up late in winter, the biological clock began to be a bit disordered. In this regard, health experts believe that there is indeed a process of adjustment in the sleep biological clock at the turn of spring and summer, but it varies from person to person. Some people will not affect their sleep due to this small change, while some people are more sensitive and will worry about it.

On the other hand, at the turn of spring and summer, experts suggest that citizens should go to bed early and get up early, and do not sweat excessively, so as to nourish their internal organs. In spring and summer, by getting up early to receive the sun's radiation to "absorb Yang Qi", let the cold and humid air accumulated by the body in winter diffuse through the spring and summer sun and heat, which helps to strengthen the muscles and bones. If 7 hours of sleep is enough, the normal time to get up early should be 4-6 a.m.; if 8 hours of sleep is needed, the normal time to get up early should be 5-7 a.m., at which time, you can start to do some outdoor sports to help the body run.

Sleep first, then eyes

Gu Yu is the end of the solar term in spring. With the increase of temperature, the climate gradually warms up, the skin of human body is loose, the pores are enlarged, and the blood supply of peripheral blood vessels is increased, which leads to the sedation and hypnosis of nervous system and makes the body sleepy.

At this time, sleep should be adjusted. People's daily work and rest should be consistent with the sun and the sun. In the spring light, stretch their limbs and breathe fresh air to conform to the natural law of spring sun. The key point of health care before sleep is to adjust the mind and spirit, that is, to adjust the mind and spirit, which means "sleep the heart first, then sleep the eyes".

Half an hour before going to bed, you should keep your emotions stable, your mind peaceful, and your mind free of all distractions. Before going to bed, you should clean your face, wash your feet, and massage your feet, so as to promote the movement of blood and Qi, warm your viscera, calm your nerves and mind, eliminate the fatigue of the day, and be conducive to sleep.

Diet + exercise can avoid spring sleepiness

With the spring warm and the temperature rising, people's metabolism process is accelerated, and the brain's demand for oxygen supply is increased. Once there is a lack of oxygen supply, people will be prone to sleepiness.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "sleeping at night and getting up early" is the rhythm that should be mastered in spring sleep. At the same time, by increasing some outdoor sports, increasing the oxygen supply of the brain, plus the adjustment of diet, "spring sleepiness" can be avoided.

It should be noted that there are some cases of continuous sleepiness and low energy that may be the precursor of some diseases, which should be treated carefully.

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