What are the sensitive parts of men? Touch here to make him crazy
2020-01-24 20:31

Ten sexual sensitive parts of man's body

Mouth / lips

Men are fascinated by women's sexy lips. In fact, men's lips are also very sensitive. They are eager for women to kiss their lips.


This part is not concerned, but it is a very sensitive part to sexual stimulation. Stimulating the neck can send signals to the circulatory system of the body and promote blood circulation. Female friends may try to touch and kiss the part of their boyfriend.


Like women, men's nipples are very sensitive, but some men don't like women to stimulate it. Therefore, it is suggested that women should take their time. When men accept and enjoy it, women can touch or kiss their partner's nipples with their fingers.

Neck and back

This part is full of nerve endings and can send sexual signals to the brain. You can kiss, massage or exhale warm breath to express your love and arouse your passion.


Not only can close to the man's ear to say love words, but also can touch and nibble the man's earlobe, bringing different sexual stimulation to the man.

Below the navel

Near the pubis is a very sensitive area, especially for men. When a man lies down, start right under his navel and draw a circle with his fingers. This part is exactly where the belt is located, which is usually ignored by people. In fact, it is very sensitive.

Medial thigh

This part can withstand relatively stronger "stimulation", so it is suggested that you can touch, rub or gently scratch the inner thigh with your fingernail.


The scrotum around the testis is very soft, full of nerve endings, very sensitive to sexual stimulation. Holding, holding or gently stroking, massaging the scrotum, etc. will arouse men's sexual desire.


From the pubis to the anus to the position close to the thigh are covered with nerve endings. The most sensitive spot is just below the scrotum, Dr. Bremer said, and you can try to caress it gently.


Women should not only focus on stimulating the glans of men, but can stimulate all parts of the penis. Can ring fingers around the root of a man's penis, gently press, will bring great pleasure to men.

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