A simple and quick way to treat premature ejaculation
2020-03-10 18:01

More and more men suffer from premature ejaculation, which not only seriously affects their self-confidence, but also threatens the relationship between husband and wife in the family. Therefore, we should not underestimate premature ejaculation, and patients should find out the disease and receive treatment as soon as possible. Here is a quick and simple way to cure early morning sickness.

A simple and fast way to treat early diarrhea

1. Enhance exercise

Premature ejaculation is directly related to exercise. There is no doubt that strong people tend to be better at sex. The male body secretes a trace element called testosterone, which is responsible for the sexual development of male adolescence, and is important for maintaining erectile function, libido and general physical strength. Testosterone will decrease year by year as men grow older, but if we keep fit, it will delay the decrease. Keep our bodies young all the time, it's easy to increase our desire, and premature ejaculation will be solved.

TwoUse penile cuff

Cover the penis head with a penis cover, so that the stimulation received is not very strong, so as to achieve the purpose of delaying ejaculation. If you are not satisfied with one condom, you can add another one.

3. Reduce the frequency of masturbation

Male friends must pay attention to restraint in daily life. No matter the number of masturbation or sexual relations, they should be controlled within a certain range. If your time is already very low, it is recommended to abstain for a period of time, with fitness and conditioning, otherwise it will easily lead to the deepening of the disease. As long as the relationship between the two sexes is well managed, premature ejaculation can easily improve the problem.

4. Increase the number of ejaculations

For young patients, sexual life can be prolonged by increasing the number of ejaculations, i.e. "more than one ejaculation". The specific method is: first take the method of masturbation ejaculation, then have sex. In this way, the time of the second ejaculation will be obviously delayed, and ejaculation will not be done soon after having sex, so as to extend the ejaculation time. The method of increasing the frequency of sexual life is also the same as "more than one ejaculation". However, this method is not suitable for men with low sexual function and middle-aged and old men with declining overall physical condition.

5. Take health care products

Targeted use of some products with kidney tonic and health care effects, such as the most common Liuwei Dihuang pill, Zhibai Dihuang pill and so on, these are very famous Chinese patent medicines, suitable for men to tonify the body. It is worth noting that kidney deficiency is also divided into kidney yang deficiency and kidney yin deficiency, so you must go to the local clinic or hospital to consult a pharmacist before taking it. Tonifying the kidney is a long process. During this period, we should stop drinking, stay up late, and eat less greasy food. These practices can help the body recover.

6. Use Delay Spray

The delay spray is a very effective way for premature ejaculation, which can easily extend 20-30 minutes. In terms of the starting time, if the above three ways are bicycle speed, the delay spray is the speed of the train, and the starting time of the delay spray is only one hour, there is no numbness, side effect or burning after spraying.

The above is the answer to the simple and quick method of early treatment. I hope it can help you. In addition to the methods mentioned above, there is also a more effective way to treat premature ejaculation, which is surgical treatment. You can choose the method according to your own situation.

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