How to reduce the swelling of ankle sprain
2019-10-19 09:17

Some people who have sprained their ankles may have less pain. If they feel that there is no big problem, they pretend to be strong and bear to continue to exercise or walk. Doing so will only multiply the recovery time and may have sequelae. It is recommended that you stop exercising and walking and take more rest, or your ankles will become steamed bread the next morning.

After ankle twist, if the broken small blood vessel is bleeding, cold compress can be used to make the blood vessel contract and coagulate, so as to control the development of injury. After that, ice cold compress the injured area for 20-30 minutes, and repeat the cold compress once an hour or when the pain occurs. If the sprain is serious, ice treatment should last for 24-48 hours. Cold compress can help constrict blood vessels, reduce the blood flow of injured parts, reduce internal bleeding, effusion or blood stasis, and relieve pain.

After that, the twisted part shall be wrapped with bandage to fix the ice bag. After the ice bag is removed, the bandage shall still be used to tighten the part, fix the ankle and reduce the possible movement, but it shall not be too tight to reduce the swelling. If possible, raise the affected limb as much as possible to make the local blood return in time and reduce blood stasis.

At the same time, it is recommended to take a film in the hospital to see if there is any bone injury. If you hurt a bone, follow the doctor's advice. If the bone is not injured, it can be treated at home. On the third day, soak it in warm water or apply hot compress for 30 minutes twice a day. The anti-inflammatory and blood activating drugs are applied to the sprained part. Release the bandage step by step. Once you feel pain, especially severe pain, stop the activity immediately, and resume bandaging and cold compress if necessary.

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