Precautions for taking your baby out in winter don't make mistakes!
2020-01-29 20:48

OneKeep your baby warm when going out

Warm baby out, warm is necessary. If the weather is very cold, it is recommended to wear masks and gloves for the baby. Of course, there are earmuffs and thick clothes, but it is not recommended to wear extra thick clothes. If the baby is wrapped into a ball, it is not convenient for the baby to walk, and it is easy to fall and fall.

When skin care babies go out, they must be prepared for skin care. For example, you must also apply moisturizer to your baby, moisturize or prevent frostbite. The main protective parts include face, ears, hands, etc. Of course, it's better to prepare some commonly used emergency drugs or band aids.

Hand in hand baby out, the age is also old, can not have mom and dad to hold, so the baby must go by himself. At this time, adults must take the baby's hand. Because in winter, the road may be frozen, which will cause the baby to slip or fall down, resulting in bruises or falls.

When the baby is walking inside, some parents don't pay attention to whether the baby is walking inside or outside the road. Anyway, it's convenient to take the baby's hand. It's best to pull the baby to the inside of the bar road, so as to avoid emergencies, such as a car driver who is a jerk, or a child who rides a bike and runs around bumping into the baby.

Pay attention to the road when walking, pay attention to the road, and try to avoid when encountering puddles or frozen places. Although there may be nothing for the baby to step on, if one is not careful, it will make the baby fall. Of course, it will also wet the baby's shoes and frostbite the baby's feet.

Do not run around baby in winter, because of the snow, ice has a certain curiosity, so, will run around. If it is in the community, no traffic, you can let the babies play with snow, which is nothing. But if you walk on the road, don't let go, let the baby run around, you may slip on the road, and a car will come back. Very dangerous.

When the baby is out with mending clothes, it may suddenly encounter snow or snow. Therefore, in winter, it is recommended that parents bring extra thick clothes for the baby when they are out. In this way, it can be worn outside when the weather changes. And if it snows and rains, you can change the wet clothes after they are wet.

Avoid bare hands touching ironware when the baby is playing in the playground, he will touch ironware and other equipment with bare hands. This is very dangerous. Baby's hand temperature is higher, those iron temperature is lower, if the temperature difference is larger, it will cause baby's hand skin to be stained, resulting in skin cutting, bleeding and other events. So, it's best to wear gloves when your baby is playing.

To avoid sweating baby winter out can let the baby play, but, we must pay attention to, do not let the baby too much exercise, so easy to sweat, although the exercise is good for the baby, but in winter if a large number of sweating, will only make the baby easy to catch cold with the wind. If the baby is found sweating, let the baby go to a warmer room as soon as possible to disperse the sweat.

Avoid going to places with many people. Winter is the season with more popular sex appeal. In this season, more people will easily become a source of infection, so if you want to take your baby out in winter, you need to avoid more people. Don't go to the mall, market, etc. It's better to take the baby to the natural scenic spot with few people to appreciate and understand the nature.

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