Do you want to add trace elements to your children? Read this one.
2019-10-16 15:15

How often do you check the trace elements

Generally, the baby should check the trace elements once more than 3 months. If the trace elements are normal, it doesn't matter. However, how often to check it depends on the diagnosis of health care doctors. If your doctor tells you that all aspects of your child's development are normal when you do health care, you don't need to check. If the doctor tells you that your child is thin, has a bad appetite, and has indigestion, please check the trace elements regularly.

Does the baby love to eat? Is it zinc deficiency?

Some babies like snacks and don't like to eat. Some babies lack initiative to eat. They need to be followed by adults. All these need to do is adjust their eating habits, not lack of trace elements. If the baby often shows growth retardation, loss of appetite, dullness or even loss of taste, poor skin wound healing, easy infection and other symptoms, it may be due to the lack of some trace elements, you should take the baby to the hospital for examination.

Does sweating baby lack calcium?

Some children have teeth late; some children have little hair; some children's heads are sweaty and sometimes move on pillows, which is not necessarily the early manifestation of calcium deficiency. Trace element examination (serum) is a method of trace element screening, which can reflect to a certain extent whether the baby is lack of calcium.

Do you need to take lead expelling drugs if you find high blood lead

Many parents find that their children's blood lead value is on the high side, so they buy all kinds of lead discharging drugs for their children to take, which is not right. Lead elimination drugs must be used under the guidance of doctors. When lead is found to exceed the standard, it should be mainly driven by non drugs. Taking lead elimination drugs on their own will lead to more health problems. The reaction of children's high blood lead content is usually yellow complexion, growth retardation, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, inattention, etc. Blind use of drugs to remove lead will cause harm to children. Lead expelling drugs have great toxic and side effects. In the course of treatment, trace elements such as calcium, iron and zinc will be discharged, and even serious low calcium will appear, leading to convulsion and even death; children will vomit, lose their hair, and even suffer from aplastic anemia after taking lead expelling drugs. Therefore, children's lead poisoning is generally treated with non drug therapy, only in the case of occupational poisoning can drug therapy be carried out.

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