What taboo does breast cancer diet have
2020-03-12 19:30

We must pay attention to the problem of diet taboo after breast cancer surgery. We must balance, diversify, not partial to food, not taboo to food, meat and vegetable combination, coarse and fine combination. When cooking, use steaming, boiling, stewing, try to eat less fried food.

[diet taboo for breast cancer patients]

1. Protein food

Easy to digest and absorb protein food, such as milk, eggs, fish, bean products, etc., can improve the body's anti-cancer ability. Milk and eggs can improve the protein disorder after radiotherapy.

2. Proper amount of sugar food

Eat right amount of sugar and supplement calories. High dose radiotherapy can destroy the metabolism of glucose, decrease the glycogen, increase the lactate in blood, and make the insulin function worse. Therefore, the effect of glucose supplement is better. In addition, it is better to eat honey, rice, noodles, potatoes and other foods rich in sugar to supplement calories.

3. Anticancer food

Eat foods with anticancer effects, such as turtle, mushroom, black fungus, garlic, seaweed, mustard and royal jelly, etc.; some traditional Chinese medicine can also be selected.

4. Vitamin food

Vitamin A and C can prevent the malignant transformation and proliferation of cells and increase the stability of epithelial cells. Vitamin C can also prevent the general symptoms of radiation injury and increase the level of white blood cells; vitamin E can promote cell division and delay cell aging; vitamin B1 can promote patients' appetite and reduce the symptoms caused by radiotherapy. Therefore, we should eat more foods rich in the above vitamins, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, sesame oil, Cereals, beans and animal viscera.

5. Cold food

For patients with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, it is generally advisable to eat cold food and cold drink; but for patients with cold feeling, it is advisable to eat hot food.

6. Avoid sea food

Breast cancer patients should avoid seafood and milk promoting foods: such as cuttlefish, eel, eel, shrimp, hairtail, cuttlefish and other seafood, which are easy to generate heat and help fire, making inflammation difficult to control, so they should avoid eating. Breast cancer patients should avoid spicy food.

Through the above dietary precautions for breast cancer patients, I believe that we have a deeper understanding of what the requirements of the diet for breast cancer patients are. Usually, drinking a glass of milk in the morning and evening, eating easily digested food, and not eating spicy and stimulating food are excellent for breast cancer patients. Breast cancer patients should keep the above precautions in mind, be responsible for their own body, and wish breast cancer patients recover as soon as possible!

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