Does lymphoma diet have what taboo
2020-03-12 19:29

Usually, patients with lymphoma will have a lot of uncomfortable reactions after radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which will affect eating. What should be paid attention to in the diet of lymphoma patients? Let's learn about the diet precautions of lymphoma patients.

Diet taboo of lymphoma


1. It is advisable to eat more foods with anti lymphoma effects: pangolin, toad, pheasant and taro.

2. Night sweat is suitable for pig's heart, sheep's tripe, oats, sorghum and tofu skin.

3. It is better to eat tofu dregs, figs, barley, mung beans, balsam pear, zucchini, water snake.

4. If the lymph nodes are swollen, you should eat water chestnut, taro, walnut, litchi, Pelteobagrus fulvidraco, snail, tripe, cat meat and oyster.


1. Avoid exciting drinks such as coffee.

2. Avoid onions, garlic, ginger, cinnamon and other spicy irritant food.

3. Avoid greasy, fried, moldy, pickled food.

4. Avoid mutton, dog meat, leek, pepper and other warm food.

5. Avoid cock, pork and other hair.

6. Avoid seafood.

The above is the introduction of diet precautions for lymphoma patients. I believe that we have known about diet precautions for lymphoma patients. Experts remind: Patients with diseases should be treated as early as possible, so as to avoid unnecessary harm caused by aggravation of the disease. I wish you good health.

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