How to carry out dietotherapy and health preservation in autumn
2019-12-07 15:08

Four aspects of health care in autumn

1. Reasonable diet, with prevention of dryness and protection of Yin, nourishing yang and moistening lung as criteria

In autumn, the sky is clear and the climate is dry. The dry air in autumn can easily hurt the lungs. Therefore, the autumn diet should be light, less fried food, more fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetables should choose Chinese cabbage, spinach, winter melon, cucumber, white fungus; meat can eat rabbit meat, duck meat, herring, etc.; eat more sour food, such as Guangyuan, hawthorn, etc.

Drink more water, eat more radish, lotus root, banana, pear, honey, etc. to moisten the lungs and promote body fluid, nourish the Yin and clear the dry food; try to eat less or not to eat hot and dry products such as onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, strong liquor, and fried and greasy things.

For the elderly and chronic patients with weak constitution and spleen and stomach, they can mainly eat congee in the morning, such as lily lotus seed congee, tremella borneol congee, black sesame congee, etc. they can eat more qingbu and pingbu products, such as red dates, lotus seeds, lilies, wolfberry seeds, etc., so as to get rid of diseases and prolong life, but they can't eat big fish and big meat, fruits and melons too much, so as to avoid gastrointestinal injury. In addition, we should pay special attention to the clean diet, protect the spleen and stomach, eat more warm food, control cold food and drink, so as not to cause enteritis, dysentery and other diseases.

2. Take an active part in physical exercises to strengthen the body

Autumn is a golden season for outdoor activities. In this season, the elderly must strengthen physical exercise, which is the most active method in autumn health care. In autumn, we should go to bed early and get up early. After getting up in the morning, we should actively participate in physical exercises. We can choose climbing, jogging, fast walking, cold bath and other exercises.

In autumn, the climate is dry and the temperature difference between early and late is large, which is a favorable condition for the reproduction and transmission of some bacteria and viruses. With the dry dust, some bacteria and viruses flying in the air often cause the spread of respiratory diseases, which is a high incidence season of chronic bronchitis and asthma. Therefore, the elderly should strengthen the warm keeping and prevention work while participating in physical exercise.

3. Keep optimistic and calm

Autumn is a good time for all things to mature, but autumn is also a time for all things to gradually wither and present a declining scene. In this season, it is easy to cause melancholy emotions such as decline and decadence in the hearts of the elderly. Therefore, we should pay attention to the cultivation of emotional intelligence, learn to adjust ourselves, maintain optimism, keep inner peace, and appropriately extend the sleep time at night. We can often talk with other people and family members, or go for a walk in the public garden, watch movies and TV, or raise flowers and fish, which are beneficial to self-cultivation , cultivate the sentiment.

4. Proper clothes and clothes, and beware of catching cold

In autumn, the temperature drops gradually, and the temperature difference between early and late is large; in this season, the elderly should pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation, and should not add clothes too early or too much; in this season, as long as it is not too cold, we should try to keep the body in a cool state, so that the body can exercise, so that it has the ability to resist the wind and cold.

But in the golden autumn season, the climate is changeable. The elderly should adapt to the climate change and pay attention to keeping warm to prevent colds, respiratory tract and other diseases. According to the weather conditions, they should increase or decrease clothes in time to keep warm and prevent diseases.

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