Live longer without dinner? Nutritionist: there are three misconceptions about health preservation, the worse your health preservation is
2020-03-13 12:16

Health preservation has become the vane of this era. The elderly are very obsessed with health preservation programs and products. Most middle-aged people hold a warming cup with Chinese wolfberry in their hands. Even young people have the trend of "Buddha nature health preservation".

However, there are too many unreliable errors in the online health articles. If we don't pay attention, we will fall into them and let our thinking deviate from the general direction of health preservation. Next, the nutritionist in the explosive nutrition class will pick out three items and give them a good talk.


1. Eating less can make people healthy and long-lived

In recent years, "eat less" has become the most common way of health preservation. And online claims that there are data support, said the study found that eating 25% less food can delay aging, health and longevity. So many people will choose to eat less every meal, even some people simply do not eat dinner.

In fact, it depends on what you eat. If you did eat more than you need in the past, it's good for your health to eat less. But the problem is that most people don't consider whether they eat too much.

If you don't eat too much, and deliberately reduce your food intake, it's very unhealthy. Especially for people over 50 years old, the protein synthesis ability is declining day by day, catabolism is dominant, and there are not many muscles. If we reduce the food consumption, we may cause malnutrition and various diseases.

Misunderstanding 2. Eating more fruits and vegetables and less meat can solve constipation

We all know that vegetables and fruits are often rich in dietary fiber, and sufficient water, can effectively relieve constipation. But many people eat too much, often will cause flatulence and abdominal pain and other symptoms, and for people with poor gastrointestinal function, eating too much fruit is not conducive to defecation, but will cause gastrointestinal irritation.

In addition, banana is often used to improve constipation of a fruit, but only ripe bananas have catharsis effect. Once you eat the unripe banana, it will not help to improve constipation, or even aggravate constipation.

And not eating meat is also considered to be able to relieve constipation, but actually doing so will make constipation worse. After all, gastrointestinal movement also needs power. People with constipation need to eat some oil, because the oil has a lubricating effect, otherwise the waste in the body is difficult to be discharged from the body.

Misunderstanding 3. If you want to nourish your stomach, you need to drink more porridge

Many people's intestines and stomach have been "eaten bad", so it is urgent to nourish the stomach. One of the most commonly used is to drink porridge. Unfortunately, it is probably wrong to do so. People with bad stomach and intestines are likely to suffer from simple gastric ulcer. Drinking porridge can not achieve the purpose of nourishing the stomach, but will promote your gastric acid secretion, resulting in more serious stomach pain.

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