How to relieve gastric acid
2020-03-09 18:08

Gastric acid is one of the ingredients that help digestion and absorption and human gastric juice. Moderate gastric acid is beneficial, but too much gastric acid can damage the gastric mucosa, lead to gastric mucosa erosion, even ulceration, and also cause reflux esophagitis. So what about stomach acid? Here is an introduction.

What about stomach acid

1. Drink more water and exercise

Drinking more water is very important for most organs of the human body, which is also the best natural way to treat acid reflux, because it can better help digestion and speed up metabolism. At the same time, exercise can speed up these two things and reduce the discomfort caused by stomach acid.

2. Eating peanuts

If the patient with stomach trouble has acid regurgitation water in his stomach, he can grab a handful of raw peanuts and put them in his mouth and chew them up. He must chew them into fine pieces and eat them better on an empty stomach. Raw peanut has the function of neutralizing gastric acid and alleviating the symptoms of gastric acid regurgitation.

3. Avoid spicy food

In life, patients who are prone to gastric acid should pay attention to the adjustment of diet. Some spicy and stimulating food should be kept away, and less food that stimulates the stomach and intestines should be eaten.

4. Eat carrots

Red radish is alkaline food, juicy and sweet, which can neutralize stomach acid. After washing the red radish, eat it raw and chew it, then you will feel better about stomach acid.

5. ginger

The plant has been shown to relieve nausea. Its combination of anti-inflammatory and anti gastric effects can speed up the digestion process and prevent gastric acid from moving to the wrong place by adding another layer of gastric mucus.

6. Maintain the stomach

During the season alternation, it is generally the season with high incidence of gastrointestinal diseases. At this time, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the stomach. We can drink more millet porridge, which is a warm food and can maintain our own stomach.

7. Eat more vegetables and crude fiber

Patients with frequent gastric acid should eat more vegetables and crude fiber food, such as celery, mushrooms and other vegetables. Among the meat, warm food such as mutton and dog meat have the effect of nourishing stomach, which is very suitable for people with stomach cold disease. There are also garlic disinfection and sterilization, can effectively help eliminate inflammation, it is recommended to eat more. In addition, wolfberry, tremella, jujube, walnut can be eaten or vegetables.

Warm tip: too much stomach acid is suitable for eating low-fat and low sugar food, while high-fat and sweet food can increase gastric acid secretion, and avoid eating condiments that stimulate the increase of stomach acid, such as pepper, coffee, mustard, etc. Papaya is suitable for the spleen of the stomach, which can be used as a stomach food, but for people with more stomach acid, do not use too much. Moreover, it must be remembered that the stomach likes dryness and cold. Besides ice, other cold food like mung bean sand should not be eaten more.

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